Concept Art:

Character line up meant for an animatic:

The Gadgetmobile half transformed:

Professor Venom:

The M.A.D. Mobile:

Doctor Claw:

The resting place of the Trinity Bomb:

Cyborg animals working for M.A.D.:

Terry first drawing:

iRogue first concept drawing:

A joke crossover with the 2015 canon series.:

Pinky and the Brain crossover:

What is considered to be the main enterance for H.A.P.P.Y.:

Brain concept art for the third story.:

The Zoo Crew:

Holographic Android:

Little comic 1:

Character references for Brain's comic.:

Little comic 2:

Little comic 3 ( also first drawing of Louis ):

Louis and Thumper:

Doctor Claw's Sword:

Inspector Gadget Cast Non-canon and Canon:

Sanjay Francks a.k.a. Doctor Spectrum Concept Art:

Concept Art for Iron and Steel ( Terry's Plotline ):

Icarus Finch Concept Art:

Representation of Area 38:

Heyward Family ( early 80's ):