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22nd Nov 2016, 12:00 AM
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Page 100
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Author Notes:

22nd Nov 2016, 12:00 AM
Since this is page 100, I thought I'd share information tidbits on this series to mark this special milestone.

Like Forge of Hate, this story started getting developed while the story before it was still in the works. In the case of Iron and Steel it happened in roughly two places. While I was working on the mini comic stories for all the main characters (July before last). Developing them, I started to think about how to further continue doing this AU in comic format. A longer story that could well hold it's own. That's when I thought up the idea of taking the term "cat burglar" to it's highest definition. But I knew that small plot idea wouldn't make a very interesting story. The comic would have to have a lot more to it and I was too preoccupied to work on making a new story at that point in time. With FOH and the mini stories taking up my time. Then working on the scene in FOH when I was introducing yet more new characters towards it's end. I felt ending this with new ideas introduced wasn't right. These ideas should grow and be used more. More prompting to return my interest to the cat burglar. When wrapping up FOH's proof checking I almost instantly started fleshing out ideas for Iron and Steel (August before last). That in it's beginning I didn't know what to name it.

You'll notice in it's very first concept art that also stows Finn & Dirk for the first time. I just called it "Afterwards". The name where it comes from, Iron and Steel. Well I know at this point I've already explained that a couple times.

I felt the story needed new characters to join the cast when jotting basic notes for this story down. But who, that idea hit me rather fast. Lucky I thought to write in that tiny cameo for the Gadgetinis in The Rogue and The Jackal. It was a fun and relatively easy task to invent the robots' human AU counter parts.

With note back to TRATJ, I wanted to return a character in this not really noted since that story. iRogue, one of the few characters in spotlight truly OC in this. I wanted to write him into FOH, but there was no cause for that in that's story's plot. That's why he became a minor mention from Penny in FOH. Here knowing I'd have to have a MAD agent draw the line in the sand so Gadget knew MAD wasn't to blame for what was being investigated. I'd have a great way to have him re-enter the scene with reason.

Through out this series & before, it references to other DiC cartoons have happened. You can expect even more in the future, but like most done at this point. You'll have to have an eagle eye to spot them.

The other night my boyfriend commented / asked if this was the longest running comic I'd ever done. False. I worked on traditionally made comics, strictly home brew from 1994-2001. Light Bulbs which I started working on back in Oct. 2011 is still running at plus 260 pages now. But it's pacing is very different from what I show with Iron and Steel.