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18th Apr 2017, 12:00 AM
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Author Notes:

18th Apr 2017, 12:00 AM
For anyone who is not aware of a heads up I gave in the IG Unlimited forum a while back, this next page will confuse people. It is the start to the next section but does not look fitting to Iron and Steel. It's meant to be a TV cartoon program being watched. Don't worry this only lasts for one page.

Also as promised here is the second draft of part of section 29. ( What you've been reading here is the third draft. Another note to it is when I first write comic script I don't divide the panels. That happens once all the writing has been done. ):

Low on the gas meter
fields & farmland, a gas station in the near distance just off to the side of the road. Further from it a harvester and distant from that a three.
Focus on the gas station.
security camera.
It's looking at Terry.
Terry gets out of it's range.
He starts packing junk food into his clothes. Slim Jerkies, Aintwhatyoucallit, Tic-A-Tacs, chips.
Some falls on the floor.
Bending down he grudgingly starts to pick up the junk food.
A small robot snake whines past his foot towards his hand.
He's in shock and he jolts his hand up out of the way.
Keeping low he peers over the shelving.
Professor Venom is there giving the hush motion to at clerk who looks like he wants to pull an alarm.
Terry backs down again.
The mini robot snake hisses at him.
He stomps on it.
Professor Venom: I hear my presentss has been noted. Come out from back there Elite. You've done wrong.
Terry is panicked.
Then he remembers his weapons, his claws, and cannon. Terry: Elite.
Up from hiding he takes aim with his cannon towards Prof. Venom.
.Prof. Venom: Doctor Claw gave me a call. He still has faith in me, unlike you."
Clerk: Jungle cats now!?
Prof. Venom: Huh?
Tanner is coming through the door, Terry: Kitty I - oh crap. Not a nice social call this time."
Annie is now making her way through the door.
. Annie: "Hello Venom."
. Prof. Venom: Sssame job, I assume?
Annie and Terry look at each other split panel.
Prof. Venom: Ppff, I'm amazzed you don't have the guts. The dedication I do."
A large snake starts to come out of Prof. Venom's shelve.
It sits on the ground and looks to it's master for orders.
. Prof. Venom: The red haired man hass betrayed MAD. Destroy him.
Prof. Venom: - Then hiss mate."
Terry: Just one snake, no two, I stepped on the first!"
Prof. Venom: Think again Elite."
. The snake is a mega snake, like a hydra it splits it's self up into it's cords which are noticed to have heads.
Terry: Well sh*t"
Terry takes aim with his cannon.
One of the snakes leaps into it.
. Terry: Ahha!"
Terry blasts his cannon destroying the robot snake.


18th Apr 2017, 4:15 AM
I admire you! Even though it looks like no one comments, you still decide to update! Clearly, you are strong and show a true passion for your work! =D Love that you make your scripts before planning the panels! I do something similar.
19th Apr 2017, 2:29 PM
Thank you :-), and it's essentially just you and one other person reading this. The other commenting on DA about it and also on the IG Unlimited forum. I don't want this to be a failed project, a given up one. There was only one other long running fan comic series for IG done before this by another author and that was never finished. Last night I wrote Iron and Steel's epilogue which won't be seen for a really long time. The scripts have to be written in advance of drawing. Even Light Bulbs follows that guideline. :-)