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8th Jul 2017, 12:00 AM
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Page 165
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Author Notes:

8th Jul 2017, 12:00 AM
This page forced me to re-read a part of 'The Nature of Change & Destruction' just to ensure I knew which of John's fingers contained his flamethrower.


8th Jul 2017, 10:04 PM
Whoa...finger/flamethrower?! This Inspector doesn't mess around! And the creature is definitely not taking any nonsense either!

Question...did someone turn on the sprinklers? It sure makes for an awesome last panel! =D
9th Jul 2017, 12:45 AM
Smoke detectors went off at his flamethrower so yeah, sprinkler system kick in :-).

I thought you'd read through the first story? His flamethrower comes up in it.
9th Jul 2017, 7:07 PM
Sorry, i might have forgotten...again, lots of cool stuff here =)
10th Jul 2017, 2:01 AM
It's ok, and hey what do you think of there is much more content to come even when this series eventually finishes? :-)