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21st Oct 2017, 12:00 AM
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Author Notes:

21st Oct 2017, 12:00 AM
Martha's odd wording. Remember 'Forge of Hate' towards the end? Team Launched Bug along with other engineering teams and Nikki tried to create a fully working Trinity Bomb.

There are two 3D elements here. One I think is easy to spot. Bet you can't guess the second.

Also in here is a strange nod towards Chief Quimby's second appearance which happened at roughly the start to 'The Rogue and The Jackal'. Him cosplaying in DragonCon. Given I've never been to DragonCon I mildly modeled the hosting hotel idea to the Marriott hotel that holds the main event for Starfest in Denver. In the background here are three photos taken regarding that convention. A band playing in the Baker Street Pub near by. The Marriott it's self and since I've seen things like autographed pictures near desks. Well in real life it's not a signed photo, but since I play up Chief Quimby almost like a closet geek. You see a picture of Anne Lockhart behind him. .. Yes, I took all these photos and Miss. Lockhart was a nice lady to interact with.