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24th Oct 2017, 12:00 AM
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Author Notes:

24th Oct 2017, 12:00 AM
This was mean to be four panels solely but quickly into artistically planning out what had to be drawn, it became apparent a different layout was needed.

What Alan is wearing is a modified idea of what exists in canon of a hearing booster looking like a satellite dish.
To the version of Gadget in this AU, it's internal. Alan isn't a cyborg so he simply wears the technology when needed. That difference bit about us seeing it and or knowing of it goes back to commenting in 'Forge of Hate', Von Slickstein questioning Terry on how he needed equipment given to him:

"You are a cyborg like the Inspector. Would you like your visual gear attached to the outside of your body or hooked in internally?" Von Slickstein replied, in answering the question, to now give better clarification to what he was asking.


25th Oct 2017, 3:56 AM
That is one shimmering, awesome cape! Alan, you got style!

Being serious, though, I hope handcuffs won't be necessary either...
26th Oct 2017, 4:52 PM
It's a pain to color but it looks nice in the end :-).

One day I swear I'm going to write / illustrate a piece giving of course a sci fi explanation to how it works. Some of that fabrication has already been figured out beyond what has been written on at this point.