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2nd Dec 2017, 12:00 AM
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Author Notes:

2nd Dec 2017, 12:00 AM
This has been a long time coming in formerly revealing the detail. To which Asian country do Dirk & Finn have ancestry with. Almost off the bat this does come up but I knew not everyone would catch it. I choose the last name of Ho`ang from a list of common last names in Vietnam. They aren't the only characters to have had this done with them. Having a last name thought common in a country. iRouge's last name of Marinovich came in since he's noted with Serbian ancestry. Myron Fricker got the same treatment as well being noted with Sweden.

Also I do have a book on Spirits, gods and goddesses. What was written here is an extremely watered down lite description of Ba Chua Xu.


2nd Dec 2017, 1:43 AM
I'd walk too. Just on the fact that I am terrified of portals...

Ok, lame joke. Beautiful backgrounds as usual!
2nd Dec 2017, 3:38 AM
.. I'm guessing that joke has to do with a video game I've heard of but have never played?

Thank you so much! :-)