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20th Mar 2018, 12:00 AM
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Author Notes:

20th Mar 2018, 12:00 AM
So did anyone wonder why he made that comment when seeing the computer screen earlier in the story when it was figured out Louis was the killer? This page explains that. It also causes lead in to another story directly and I think you can guess who is focused on in that.

A joke put in this page I'm told dates back further then I'm aware in fiction. There are so many cartoon villains which have "doctor" in their names, I decided to here poke at that. Anyone ever watch 'Spies Like Us'? If you have, you know what I did.

A further note, if it wasn't for the epilogue, this next page makes a notable landmark for the story.


20th Mar 2018, 1:26 AM
I forgot to mention before, but your characters have simple, yet unique outfit styles. If you don't mind my asking, what was your process in making them? Did you base them on an inspired style?
20th Mar 2018, 1:04 PM
There are two factors about the character outfit styles.

1: It can be drawn over and over with ease.

2: It has to fit who I'm drawing.

I'm going to give examples here as to thought process on these decisions.

A variant on his canon Classic design. The coloring has been changed. The trench coat has design staples in it which are ones I've thrown into other character outfits over time. I consider them a way to ID it as this is my version.

Another variant meant to keep her clothes recognizable to canon Classic design. If you notice her shirts tend to be always somehow striped in pink and white shades.

He clearly has no basis with his canon counterpart except his cape which isn't always drawn. But I try to make his clothes fit his ( this ) character. A design goal on his appearance is for him to look like an everyday person and not over the top. The vest with many pockets has to do with needing access to tools since he's an engineer and on occasion needs to fix up John.

If you look at the character designs for the rest of Team Launched Bug, you'll see the pocket theme with them as well.

Finn & Dirk Ho`ang:

While not a pair of robots, I wanted to remind people who they are meant to represent. Both have semi-formal clothes themed in blue hues & orange hues.

I wanted to separate their clothes a little beyond shading, so that is why Finn wears a bow tie.

Dr. Spectrum or Sanjay:

On DA I explained his main outfit shown but I'll explain it here too. He is another case which goes well clear of canon Classic design. His main outfit and the one you saw him in back on page 181. It's a crack towards the gaming console of the ZX Spectrum.

I also have it a goal his clothes have vibrant colors in them.

Dr. Hunter:

His clothes design has no basis with his canon counterpart. In B-Side Tracks, I have it relayed he wears a jacket out of habit. I figure even as now an old man, he still has the habit.