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10th Apr 2018, 12:00 AM
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Page 244
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Author Notes:

10th Apr 2018, 12:00 AM
At first Iron and Steel was meant to end with Terry & Louis doing what most fictional bad guys do best outside of harm, readying their next escape from jail. I tried to discover how far back this went and it's really hard to say. But it seems either very late Aug. or early Sept. last year, is when I started brainstorming up a fifth large story. It was planning out more and more details with that story that suddenly lead me in early Oct. that year to more work on the backstory to Gadget Boy who in this universe is a man named Jake Anatech.

RAGE from the beginning was planned to be a part of the Iron and Steel story. Even who ran RAGE was a detail that went into the planning. What was not originally there is Dr. Hunter acting as a bridge character between the Inspector Gadget side of this and the Gadget Boy side of it.

The more I worked on Iron and Steel in finalizing pages in formal writing & being drawn, the more I felt the need to make the setup for the story set after it.

Going beyond the Gadget Boy side, I even made sure it wasn't just those characters getting notation in Iron and Steel for creating the setup for the coming story. This takes place in the background through out the story beyond it's early content.

This story the one that's final page is shown here was meant to show what I could really do for making comics. Something you aren't witness to much for the work I do on Light Bulbs. What is shown in this series is near commission from me level quality, some times reaching into that level. ... I kept thinking over time it would gain more readers and that has never become a staple fact. People have shown minor interest in it over the time, it's been being posted online here and Comic Fury. But it's been almost always at two readers. I was told over the course of working on the story, to not give up for the small number paying attention to it. Giving up was never the plan with this. Crafting a well done comic ( again that goes back to point one ) and providing the IG fan community with something it doesn't see often, a long running webcomic.

Now that Iron and Steel is over don't think it's over for me and doing comics for this AU. More comics are coming but as short stories, like what you saw back in '15. Before they start to come out, the new batch of them, I have to say this. They are not coming out at the same pace pages of Iron and Steel did. The fifth story, Devil's Blood is going to be a steady project in writing while those pages to the shorts are being made. Before either of those projects for this AU continue further more than they have already, I plan to make some artwork, some over due some not.

As for this page and also the section. First off it ties directly into the animatic named, Prologue: The Interrogation.

The detail which wasn't easy to make out on page 243 was the license plate on the black car, that by the way is meant to be Jake's. This is what it reads: GB9 5967
If you want to be geeky on details, you know why his car plate reads numbers like that.

Lastly the first thing in art I did for this page was the final panel. I like to tackle the hardest things first. G9 is a pain to draw.


12th Apr 2018, 10:52 PM
I think you did awesome on the metallic canine G9! =) I'm definitely scared of doing the hardest things first, so I commend you :)
15th Feb 2020, 11:00 PM
Thank you so much! I enjoyed redesigning the tin dog. :-)