Comic 294 - Short 5: Page 1

29th Sep 2018, 12:00 AM
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Short 5: Page 1
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Author Notes:

29th Sep 2018, 12:00 AM
I started coming up with this story last September. Just the basic idea. This is a short at seven pages long. There would be eight pages but I cut out the beginning. Just a joke which gives an idea how Finn deals with things. He gets the better of a teacher to put it short. That didn't quite feel fitting to the story overall so that's why it's been left out.

This short further shows differences between the boys. This page alone tells you Dirk has been practicing Savate for quite a while. Remember near the end of 'Iron and Steel'? The fight he had with Louis. It's also going to hark back to when these two first appeared in 'The Rogue and The Jackal', at least with Finn.

... If anyone had read 'Devil's Blood' they would have caught the names of two characters very clearly OCs. Their parents.
The names won't be said here, but both make an appearance in this story.