Comic 351 - Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Page 5

16th Apr 2019, 12:00 AM
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Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Page 5
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Author Notes:

16th Apr 2019, 12:00 AM
This page should beyond normal reasoning, should really be noted with the last. Not only due to the couple talking on that last page, but in that Floyd also saying about getting cleaned up some. Him getting cleaner wasn't in the original script. Thing is it's a lite pain having him in soot panel to panel in having that match up. Yes, he is going to get dirty again but I figure when starting on a new job, he wouldn't present himself covered in ash to his employer. The tarp, I'm told is not something mentioned historians would know about. It was my invention he do that but when talking to the historian I consulted a few times for this story. Ever not known, I was told it might have been done in real life for exactly the reason I present on this page.

Class division I'm told was still held up a bit in those times. True, that exists today, but apparently back in that day it was more prominent. Why I'm talking about that is how he is treated by the lady of the house. Back on page 3, Jocelyn relays what kind of family he comes from, and that he has chosen to reject having a white collar job. Having a job as a chimney sweep, yeah outsiders to his personal life figure they know where he stands in the world.

I also want to bring up here I followed through with watching a movie suggestion given to me by the consulting historian. I asked him for suggestions on movies to watch set in this story's time period for visual references. He suggested "Hello Dolly". Weird little placement to knowing of this film. I remember when I was little, my mother had a big thing for musicals and I hated them at the time. I only started softening to them in my senior year of high school when Popular Music Class forced me to re-watch them. Odd, I should remember the name of that movie but I don't think it was part of my parents VHS collection. I also remember this film was on the viewing list for that music class, but never got to see it for some reason. I guess until today it's stood where "The Sound of Music" does for me, of knowing of the film but having never seen it.

Set in 1890, it does in fact mirror a lot of the clothes I've come across in researching the period. The only thing which bothers me to that is what beat police officers wear. I was told I had it right, but the ones in the film dressed slightly differently. That is either Hollywood's doing or the fact my story is set just a few short years later. The film also quickly made me think of a question the historian, who is also a fellow geek asked me when I started on concept work for this story early last year. Am I going down what has become apparently a cliched path for writing women in this period. That of them hating their dresses and instead wearing pants.

Dolly is a strong character who is very outspoken, and I am sure if for some reason a remake ever happened, people might try that route with her costume. Jocelyn has a long path in showing her character development and even when she shows later how strong she can be, I don't have her break away from the times for gender presentation. There just isn't a need for it. Don't get me wrong in thinking I oppose what is the norm. nowadays. Graces most of the time you'd have to force me to get me to wear a dress.