Comic 359 - Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Page 13

14th May 2019, 12:00 AM
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Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Page 13
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Author Notes:

14th May 2019, 12:00 AM
It dawned on me people might see a strange contrast in Jocelyn's character.
So far she hasn't had any brightness in her life except Floyd, who is no longer with her. She's shown herself to be vulnerable emotionally with good reason. She also with the exception of the arm-wrap, dresses in the expected style of the times. Not a style worn today. As not only is it out of fashion but also since this time the women's liberation movement has happened. But she shows down the line how strong she can be, still in long & ornate dress.

It took a while for it to hit me an actress might have influenced how I have written her personality on a minor level.

Back in '08 I paid a little extra with my three day pass for the Starfest convention happening that year. That little extra was to see Nana Visitor preforming the opening day, giving a concert with her husband. She talked about herself some before the concert and in this revealed something which would I think surprise many modern women. She enjoys the old style relationship with her husband almost unthought of nowadays. That old school mentality outside work of the little lady doing things in the home. A "1950's outlook" as she put it. But she has the guts to preform as an actress to unseen masses for television & movies, even a small group of people gathered in a room to hear her sing. Outdated but accepted and embraced by her, a "female role", plus showing many people she can stand out in a good way.