Comic 379 - Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Page 33

23rd Jul 2019, 12:00 AM
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Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Page 33
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Author Notes:

23rd Jul 2019, 12:00 AM
These comments were posted along with the DeviantArt presentation. I feel the need to share them exact here as well.


I am sorry this page took so long to work on. On the 17th I started to notice flood water happening from the Tusk but took my landlord at his word. It never gets too high and I was clear of the danger zone of it touching my RV ... my home.
I had some fear still about the water and the first thing I did the next morning was look out my bedroom window towards the river and ground short distance from the camper. The water was almost at the RV.
I called my insurance unsure what to do in fear. They told me to either call the police or fire department. I called the police but when they figured out they'd have no involvement in such a matter, they connected me to the fire department.
Representatives for the fire department came out. They saw the danger grow as we talked. They called the Red Cross.
A short time over two hours later, they came. By this point the power was disconnected from my landlord's place per my request knowing what danger the extension cord and power converter made if in service.
I'd had a feeling I'd have to evacuate the RV and gathered a few things in two bags. Lucky for me tricking Theta with cat treats got him out of hiding so I could get him in the carrier. Don't worry the plant I bought myself as a birthday gift the week before was saved too.
The Red Cross gave me a debit card with limited funds to buy needed things ... like a motel room to stay in.
The car had to be moved twice was the flood water got higher.
I've been in North Canton in a motel ever since. My time is up on the 8th and the Homeless Hotline doesn't have anywhere to place me afterwards.
My insurance is going to give a check to me for the RV. ... It's not enough to walk into a dealership with. So far online searching hasn't turned up anything with promise.

... I told a friend online, I always try to stay well ahead of ComicFury deadline posting, in stockpiling pages for the dates in readiness. This event has made me fall behind.

I don't want a lapse to happen in updates about the ComicFury postings, so an interruption will be happening in this story. A short story with a different art style which will make quick page release easy so I can stay ahead of the deadlines on CF.

The story will be named Ice. It's set in modern times to this universe but a few years back, 2013 to be exact.

Devil's Blood, the story which ... I still am taking it hard no one actually read it. In that story nearing it's end, Amazon Annie mentions about they ( Terry, Louis, and a gang ) are to go to Japan. Among encountering a very expected AU of a character from the Classic series. A character is introduced who is a long time friend of Annie's. Alpine Adam is an OC. Annie's northern counterpart who has never worked for MAD. This story is being done to show a tiny touch of that they are buddies and give an idea who this new villain is.

I will return to working on Smoke, Steam and Mirrors after finishing work on Ice.