Comic 411 - Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Page 52

12th Nov 2019, 12:00 AM
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Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Page 52
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Author Notes:

12th Nov 2019, 12:00 AM
I kid you not, googling up an image of a throwing knife being handled isn't easy. That lead to creating reference images myself. .. I own a good sized dagger & sword collection but don't own a single throwing knife. What was used as a substitute in my hands was a fancy pair of scissors that I made sure to hold as if it were that kind of knife.

Also I dropped an idea here which had been in mind ever since writing this story in script. The local divisional boss for VILE giving a Doctor Claw vibe in appearance. One these guys here are posing as circus performers, so bold is something I think would be worn for show. The second reasoning is remembering where VILE comes from canon-wise. Carmen Sandiego dresses rather flashy for a thief that should be dressed for in the shadows. Why not have it other VILE agents have a history with wearing standout clothes?

... In case it's wondered here as to why in this AU I would state Carmen Sandiego as having worked for VILE when it has been noted she worked for RAGE. That's an explanation which hasn't surfaced yet written. In this story it's clear VILE has been around since at least the 19th century. By the late 20th century, VILE doesn't have the same steam it once had thanks to the ACME Detective Agency. She switches as the result from working for them to RAGE.