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2nd Jan 2016, 12:00 AM
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Author Notes:

2nd Jan 2016, 12:00 AM
( Remember this was originally posted on DA. )
The creature really isn't from another dimension. Please remember this story is a follow up from the final of the pose stories, why I had the MAD agent ask such a thing.

Something I'd like to write about here due to a reply one friend / watcher said recently. She's following this story but only for it's art, and says she hates Inspector Gadget. A turn around from months back, I suspect due to the airing of the 2015 series if it's not to her liking. This brings up a point I went with when getting a voice actor to do work on the third story for audio book. When I posted my casting call on Voice123, I did not ID the fan fiction as Inspector Gadget. I wrote into the post a clip which no one could identify what they were reading for.

Again with no words spoken, but relayed once more in motioning. Alan pointed out he'd check out what was making the sounds of mechanical movement now growing ever louder in their ears. The sight below him, shocked him when he spotted it. Two robotic beasts of clear design of what they were meant to represent. A gorilla and a monkey having just then entered into standing & staring at the men. The center of the floor to which the men were descending to, now had mechanical apes waiting for them in it.

"What is it?" The inspector asked wondering why the engineer had gone wide eyed in his gaze to the ground, he refused to look at.

"We don't have a choice, John. We'll just have to deal with it when we get to the floor." The tech answered with his voice cracking a little, feeling too stunned by the view he'd just taken in to know how to properly vocalize it.

Although waiting to discover what the other man meant by his words, didn't take long. The gorilla took the initiative then, and bounded up & off the curving wall to get to John. The tackle happened so fast the inspector couldn't think fast enough to combat the new weight grabbing at him.

This was done so that people in advance weren't thinking of the cartoons to think about how might they should be sounding for their auditioning. I think unless some one realizes these stories are AU ( alternate universe ), they assume they know what they're in for story wise. Yes, these stories do have a lot of recognizable elements in them, but they're radically different in presentation from how they would be in the canon stories.

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